Wozinsky Bicycle Front Frame Handlebar Bag Touch Screen Phone Holder 1L black (WBB16BK)

Совместимость: Универсальный
Тип чехла: Спортивные
ID товара: 2327678

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Описание товара: Wozinsky Bicycle Front Frame Handlebar Bag Touch Screen Phone Holder 1L black (WBB16BK)

Wozinsky Bicycle Front Frame Handlebar Bag Touch Screen Phone Holder 1L (WBB16BK)

Would you like to transport minor things securely and always keep them at hand? Thanks to Wozinsky bicycle bag which must be installed on the handlebars, you gain convenient storage space. The bag has been designed with a mobile phone in mind – its screen is always in view but the rider does not lose concentration. A map is easily visible, you can make voice connections or use the camera without your hands. A protective film at the front of the smartphone secures it against rain or dust.


  • Brand: Wozinsky

  • Size: 6,5x3x20x10 cm

  • Inside: 19x10 cm

  • Fastening: Velcro

Major features:

  • Instant fixing and detachment

  • Perfect visibility

  • High protection thanks to a film

  • Modern design

  • Low weight

Smartphone bag

Always have your smartphone in view – follow the route on your GPS unit, check position, make safe connections while holding your hands on the handlebars and focusing on the road. To make sure your device is safe, the manufacturer has adopted a full-screen protective film.

Protective film secures the screen

The screen remains highly visible – a transparent film protects it against dirt and moisture, but also assures good visibility. An additional protection is provided by a canopy at the top of the case. In case of any dirt, you can easily wipe it with a wet cloth. Simultaneously the film is very thin and makes the device react to your touch. This way you can easily and conveniently control it.

Solid manufacture

A transparent protective film is not the only important detail. There are also two reliable zips with handy grips and securely fixed Velcros which do not tear off in case of pulling. The product has an attractive and decorative texture but remains practical – it can be easily cleaned.

Designer look

The effective look of the product makes it perfect for city bikes, mountain bikes and roadsters – for ladies and gents. It will be appreciated both by amateur riders and professionals.

Earphone port

In the lower part of the case you can find a port for earphones cable. This gives a considerable freedom when listening to music or keeping talks during a ride.

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ID товара: 2327678
Категория: Чехлы для телефонов
Количество упаковок товара: 1 шт.
Размеры и вес упаковки (1): 0,2 x 0,25 x 0,1 м, 0,2 кг
Производитель телефона: Универсальный
Торговая марка: Wozinsky
Цвет монитора: Черный
Совместимость: Универсальный
Тип чехла: Спортивные
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Wozinsky Bicycle Front Frame Handlebar Bag Touch Screen Phone Holder 1L black (WBB16BK)
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